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Tamborine Spring water is 100% organic, bottled at the source.

We are committed to maintaining the quality and sustainability of the Tamborine waterways. Through environmental assessments, we measure and manage our volume to ensure that the natural water levels, the community and local businesses only benefit from our operations.

Tamborine Springs


Tamborine Spring water is 100% organic and bottled at the source. 

We don’t remove or add any chemicals to it; our water is 100% what comes out of the ground!
We are the only supplier of Tamborine Mt spring water that bottles on the mountain. No water trucks or bottling factories and no exposure to contamination; less than 2 minutes from ground to bottle!
Tamborine Spring Water is an independent, family-owned company that has been established for over 35 years. We have built our business on providing the highest quality, completely natural drinking water to be found from Tamborine Mountain. We also have a strong commitment to supporting families and local businesses.
We proudly service a range of areas including the Gold Coast, Logan, Scenic Rim, Darling Downs, Southern Downs regions & Metropolitan West; all with Free Delivery.


Our Recycling Mission


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1 family switching from bottled water  saves more than 1000 bottles per year from entering our oceans or landfills

Our goal is to save 1 million bottles reaching landfill and oceans each year 

That will save 10T of plastic bottles from entering our oceans or
landfills per year


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