15L Bottle

15L of premium Mt Tamborine Spring water bottled at the source. It comes in a BPA free plastic bottle that is part of our swap and go system. Your local driver will collect the empties and replace them with full ones.


Benefits of our water:

  • Straight from source to bottle - 2 minutes or less from spring to sealed, we don’t cart water down to a factory in a truck.
  • We don’t add or remove chemicals! - Straight from the spring we filter and UV treat the water and bottle it directly.
  • No Middleman! - We collect, bottle and deliver so we know exactly how your water has been cared for.

15L Bottle

  • Free delivery to a range of areas starting from Gold coast, Logan, Scenic Rim, Darling down Southern Down regions & Metropolitan West. 

    To find out about your specific suburb, click here.

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Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272

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